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Innisfree Whole Health Repair & Recovery (IWHRR) is a unique live in health & wellness centre just an hour outside of Melbourne, Innisfree is easily accessible to those who realise they need time out of their stressful lives, behaviours & patterns.

Innisfree is focused on helping individuals achieve insight into their behavious and to bring balance and peace  back into their lives. We help people with issues such as corporate burnout, depression, anxiety, PTSD, managing crisis, mid life transitions, grief/loss, general behavioural disorders, physical imbalances and alcohol & drug dependencies .

With our unique approach to health & wellbeing, Innisfree is the only centre of its kind that uses Natural Therapy Integration™ to treat individuals on all levels - Psychologically, Emotionally, Physically, Energetically & Spiritually.

At Innisfree you will be challenged to create new beliefs but rewarded with a life that is balanced sustainable and transformed.


With our accredited practitioners and integrated natural therapy programs, we treat all kinds of people with lots of different issues who come from varied backgrounds but they all have one thing in common and that is they need help. Their life isn’t functioning well anymore and they just can’t seem to move forward. 

At Innisfree we not only work with your current situation but we help you build a new sustainable foundation that enables you to have the tools and the insights to maintain a life that is healthy, happy and successful. Innisfree provides an intensive integrated biological, psychological, social and spiritual framework for individuals to make the desired changes in their lives with ease and simplicity. 

The programs are challenging but rewarding as we work together to bring about positive change to better understand yourself and what triggers your behaviours. You will gain confidence and feel empowered with each new day as you realise you can break free from debilitating thought & behavioural patterns. 


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"I owe my life to the Innisfree program. I spent a month at Innisfree in order to regain control of my life and to deal with past issues. Innisfree taught me a new way of life and equiped me with tools to deal with life pressures. I left Innisfree four weeks ago and I have never been happier, healthier  &  content  with myself and my life."


How We Can Help

Ask yourself,

Am I living a life filled with anxiety, stress, depression or dependence? 

Are your relationships dysfunctional? 

Do you find it hard to go to work? 

Do you feel burnt out, on the edge, not coping, stuck?

Have you lost motivation or just can’t seem to get any enjoyment or pleasure out of life? 

Have you had a major life crisis and just can’t seem to get over it? 

Do you have a loved one that you’re concerned about?

Are you ready for a change?

If you have answered, “Yes” to any of these questions then we can help.