Two months ago we had an ex client approach us to ask if we would support her in increasing awareness in relation to POST NATAL DEPRESSION as well as helping her raise funds for treatment for women that were unable to afford our program. Her name is April and she suffered with POST NATAL DEPRESSION following the birth of her first child in 2008, and had a very hard time finding help that made a difference. For three years, April and her family struggled each day. In mid 2011, April underwent treatment at Innisfree in Kyneton, and walked out three weeks later fully alive and well. With three children April adores and life back on track she is happy to share her story.


April has established MOTHER NURTURE to raise awareness, decrease stigma, provide support for women and families exposed to the effects of POST NATAL DEPRESSION. Please help make a difference in the lives of women, their families, and our wider communities by supporting the Auction on Sunday March 16th from 2.00m.


Post Natal Depression affects 1 in 7 women in Australia, and the effects are widespread amongst their families and communities. Currently, women state that they not only find it incredibly difficult to seek help, but also that the help available is very limited, and many find it insufficient for making a full recovery. Many women and their families are suffering in silence. Please show your support.


Men and their health


  • Die at a greater rate in all age groups.
  • Have higher levels of morbidity for common illnesses.
  • Are more likely to commit suicide (up to eight times the rate of women in the same age
  • groups).
  • Suffer from a greater level of severe mental illness.
  • Suffer from a greater rate of all cancers that are not gender-related.
  • Use services (hospital and GPs as well as other health-related providers such as
  • naturopaths and telephone counselling) at a lower rate than women.
  • Use preventive services at a lower rate than women.
  • Are the overwhelming majority of those injured or killed in work settings.



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More than 3 million people in Australia experience depression, anxiety, burnout or drug & alcohol related problems each year.


Undiagnosed depression costs $4.3 billion in lost productivity each year.


On average every full time employee with untreated depression or stress related issues costs an organisation $9,665 per year!


On average each employee with depression will take off 3-4 days per month.


Around 50% of people with depression dont get help for it.


Research shows that early intervention & implementation of programs can result in a five fold return on investment through employee productivity!