Therapy Overview

All people are made up of different layers- the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the energetic body and the spiritual body. So when we treat an individual at Innisfree we take into account all the levels of the human condition.

Usually you will go to a doctor or a psychologist and then a massage therapist etc but none of the therapists know what the other is doing and so treat you and your situation in a separate way, there is NO integration from one therapy to another. That is why we are so unique. When you integrate therapies and therapists, your condition rapidly improves as we work together to help you navigate through your process with the insights gleaned from the therapy before! This is what we mean by Natural Therapy Integration™

When you combine and bring together different techniques and processes, they help you gain insights into what your patterns are and then we use other therapies to create a foundation for you to transform old patterns into ones that are transformative and sustainable for a healthy happy, balanced life! Makes sense doesn't it? We know it is an intensive process but you will be given the support and knowledege to move through your barriers often resulting in rewarding insights.

We know that an individual can transform their lives and gain the confidence to deal with harmful life stressors. At the end of your time you will feel more relaxed, confident, physically, mentally and spiritually empowered to begin your new life. 



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"All power manifests when your thoughts, words, actions and body support each other."