How Our Programs Work

Although the programs at Innisfree Whole Health Repair & Recovery are individually designed to suit your specific situation, needs and desired outcome, there are two things that all programs have in common. First, your day is structured around the Chinese Chi Cycle and secondly our unique therapeutic approach Natural Therapy Integration™ which is also underwritten by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is our way of approaching the person and the situation holistically.


By working to the Chinese Chi Cycle utilising Natural Therapy Integration™, combined with our understanding of how your state of being is influenced by your mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies, we are able to provide a transformational response that will allow sustainable behavioral change and balance.


Chinese Chi Cycle

Chi meaning energy life force is the flow of vital energy that sustains all living things. At Innisfree we work with this energy throughout the day by structuring your day around where the energy resides in your body at a particular time. The program is designed to maximise and create a better Chi flow within your being. 

Taking advantage of your Chi in the morning we get you doing physical exercise and as your body wakes up and moves into the early stages of the morning, you will be then ready for the movement of the mind. Like all living things after we eat we should rest and around 2pm you will usually have either a meditation session or a massage to rest the body. If you do this you will feel more awake in the afternoon which is then set aside for more creative use of the brain and as the body, mind and spirit become balanced you will then wind down for a great nights sleep. With this cycle you will feel more energetic, productive, balanced and rested.


Natural Therapy Integration™

Typically, natural therapies are carried out as individual modalities designed to achieve a specific purpose or outcome.  At Innisfree we have discovered that almost all natural therapies have benefits that overlap, support, compliment, increase efficacy or allow determinations to be cross checked and fine tuned. 

By way of example, TCM or Naturopathic herbal prescriptions can be confirmed through Kinesiology, body and emotional responses identified through various modalities can be worked through in Counseling, Transformational Weight Training or Art Therapy and underlying problems that surface through Kinesiology can be directed to the appropriate modality.


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"Words can't express how I feel about what you have done for me. You have helped me feel like me again and it has been so long."