Program Overview

We believe that all power manifests when your thoughts, words, actions and body support each other. For every person there is a specific formula that addresses all aspects of your being and condition so we design the program around you and your situation. Leaving nothing to chance, we thoroughly assess each individual, their behaviors, patterns, life history, environment, social and physical aspects to create a program that enables the person to see what is working for them and what is not. 

A typical day is designed around the Chinese Chi Cycle or energy in your body. With an early start in the morning, you will experience the gentle but physical exercise of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Transformational Weight Training. This is followed by a nutritious breakfast, then on to the individual therapies for the day.

Each therapist confers with the other so that your program can be as organic as the process itself and therefore the natural therapies/therapists you experience will be called in for what has been uncovered from the previous session.

After a satisfying lunch you may have some quiet time followed by meditation to keep you calm and relaxed. The afternoon can consist of yoga, breathwork or creative therapies like transpersonal art therapy. 

Dinner is served around 6-6.30 you will then experience free time and will probably want to go to bed early so you are ready for your next day.

All therapists are client centered and focused on your experience being confidential & safe. We go at the pace of the client but also offer gentle encouragement to face their challenges.


Individual Programs:  

Everyone who comes to Innisfree has different reasons for being here and no matter what your reason, we will design a program to help you achieve balance in the life you deserve. The length of time you stay with us will depend on your specific situation, needs and desired outcomes. When you are assessed we will be able to gauge how deeply entrenched the patterns and behaviors are which will allow us to recommend the type of program and length of stay. Whilst we prefer people to stay with us for 28 days to ensure transformational response and long term behavioral change, we do offer a minimum of 7 day stays to work in with your lifestyle.

We understand that your time here will be challenging on many levels but we encourage you to see it as a breack from your stressful life to work on yourself. It is normal to experience feelings of separation and loneliness from your work and loved ones but imagine giving them the benefit of a more productive, loving you! 


Corporate Wellness Programs:

Designed to achieve work life balance and prevention of corporate burnout, our programs can help your staff perform better without the stress.  We help your company address issues of depression, workplace anxiety and drug & alcohol dependencies with respect for individual confidentiality.


Conference & Workshop Programs

Our conference facilities will suit groups for overnight stays or just a one day workshop. We can help you design & facilitate your conference or workshop based on our philosophy but with your content. For more information and available dates please contact us well before your planned conference.



Phone: 03 5427 4888

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