These are only a few of the kind words that we have received for some of the wonderful people we have worked with.



I went to Innisfree for two weeks. I was very skeptical when my friend booked me in, I didn't think anyone could help me within such a short space of time. I had severe depression and menopausal symptoms going on for 7 years and thought that I had to live with it, I am so glad that I had the courage to ask for help.

I have been at home now for three weeks, and have kept up with my daily routine and am going from strength to strength, my whole family is so proud of me but most importantly I am proud of myself!

Taking the first step was hard but I will never look back, I am my old self again.

I wish to thank all the staff for all their understanding and support, they really get results in the way they do things and everything is natural, no more prescription drugs for me! There will always be a special place in my heart for each and every one of them.



How do I even begin to put into words the gratitude and love I feel for all you've done for me? From the first contact I had with Innisfree I was never let down. I knew you all understood me and felt the empathy I was so desperately searching for. You quickly came to understand me better than I understood myself. You pushed me when I needed to be pushed, you nurtured and gave me strength when you knew I needed it, always willingly, and your unswerving devotion to getting Allana back gave me faith that it was, in fact possible to do so. Thankyou. You cannot begin to know how grateful I am for the MASSIVE part you've played in helping me to find myself, but a better, improved version.

To all of you, my endless gratitude for providing a place like Innisfree. When I walked through your doors I was a shadow.. An extra in my own life. I'd lost all faith and all hope that I had any chances left. This place was my last desperate hope and became my saviour. You gave me the safest possible environment to get better and it wouldn't have been possible anywhere else. I firmly believe that. Innisfree is inpiring, and special.. I don't believe there is anywhere else that could compare.

You've all taught me to love and believe in myself and who I am. You've in turns inspired, supported and encouraged me and you had faith in me even when I didn't. All my love and deepest gratitude. I am ready to face the world again with my eyes and my heart wide open. Thankyou.



Thankyou for the opportunity you have given me. I feel ready to go out and face the world again now!


LEE (Rikki)  

I am writing to pass on my heartfelt appreciation  to all the kind and wonderful team members at Innisfree. My name is Lee and I am the mother of Rikki who has just had the privilege of being invited to attend Innisfree

I live near Bundaberg in QLD and haven’t seen Rikki since the beginning of February this year.

When Rikki’s oldest sister Tara told me that Rik was arising at 5am in the morning And eating oatmeal for breakfast I cried tears of joy, when she told me that she was willingly attending counselling and eating fruit & vegetables I bawled my eyes out. I received a phone call from Rikki after her second week at innisfree and I was delighted to hear a measure of joy in her voice.

I called Rikki this morning at 8am and got to speak to her!! Before attending your programme I couldn’t phone her before 3 pm as she was still in bed.

Thank you so much for opening the door and giving my girl a glimpse of a way forward from the heartache. Thank you for giving me hope that she will be able to move forward with her life instead of my constant fear of a phone call that she had ended it.   

Your kindness has overwhelmed me

A Sincere Thank You from an extremely grateful mum.



I spent three weeks at Innisfree in January of 2011 and would like to say that it was the most rewarding time in my life. I never had a future before then and did not look forward to life or think that I deserved one. I was carrying guilt and burden for past doings for thirty years and addiction problems for the same time, but thanks to all the people at Innisfree not only do I have a future to look forward to every single minute of everyday, I now let my light shine on all that come into my life. I don't know how I can ever repay them for what they have done for me, all I know is that if the world had more people like them it would truly be a much better place. They will forever be in my heart and I cannot praise them and the way they do things enough. I recommend Innisfree to anyone that needs some help to find out who they really are. Thankyou. I am forever in your debt for giving me and my family such a wonderful life.



While I have only stayed a short time at Innisfree, my experience here has had a profound impact on my health at every level. I thank you for your wisdom and capacity to regenerate my emotional growth through supporting and challenging my thinking. I thank you also for your vision and hard work in creating Innisfree and in generating such transformation in people's lives.



It has been 6 months since I stayed 2 weeks at Innisfree and life has never been better. It took me years to admit that I needed help, I had always falsely cosidered myself a fiercely independent and strong woman who knew so much better than anyone else what was best for me. I also knew alcohol dependance was an issue, but I stubbornly justified my continual over-consumption for almost 20 years. I used every excuse in the book to continue with my addiction until I could no longer cope with the constant and damaging emotional and physical roller-coaster ride that was my life.

I walked into Innisfree defeated, overworked, stressed out, lacking in purpose and using alcohol to temporarily 'block out' even the smallest of life's set-backs. I left Innisfree a 'whole' person with renewed self-esteem, better health, effective life-skill tools to replace my addiction and with a very clear direction for my life.

Life and work still gets stressful at times that is one thing that will always remain the same. With the tools I recieved at Innisfree it has enabled me to be able to see my place in the world in a whole new light and bring a new perspective on how to cope and move on from life's challenges, without feeling the desire to drown them out at the bottom of a wine bottle. It has also been a huge emotional release being able to go to social functions and not wake up the next day wondering "What did I say, what did I do?", I now know exactly what I say and do at such functions and it's a wonderful feeling.

I have been completely free from my addiction for the last 6 months, which is something before Innisfree I never thought I would ever be able to achieve. It has made me a much better friend, businesswoman and wife to be living as a sober, contented and clear-headed individual.

I will be forever grateful to the amazing team of truly insightful and highly skilled professionals at Innisfree for having built such a haven for anyone seeking personal growth and recovery from addiction and especially for helping me get off my roller-coaster.



I sent an email to the executive officer at ASCA, [ADULT SURVIVORS CHILD ABUSE]. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Susan is really driven to help our members, she will place it in the news letters for sure and I am going to ask that when i launch my book that you may be able to come and talk about INNISFREE, and what you offer,maybe bring fliers, anything you like.


I have been to the most fantastic place and would love it if you could place some information in the next ASCA newsletter.

You know that i am the most positive person,when it comes to any program that will assist any individual in turmoil to become well, and discover a sense of self worth.


The owners are not only professional, but the most sincere, caring people you could hope to meet.

As i walked around this wonderful retreat, i immediatly felt at peace, as though my troubles were somewhere else, it is most beautiful, modern, and offers so much, in fact Susan to much to mention.

I was fortunate enough to start my journey to good health,with some acupuncture with a wonderful chinese herbalist doctor, I had never had this before, but this evening I can honestly say I feel great, I have managed to stop taking the many antideppressants that i have needed to take, and start on my herbs.

I beleive that my life is just starting, and the abuse of my past will be helped along by these nurturing people.

I encourage any ASCA member to contact INNISFREE, and participate in your program.



I am so lucky to have picked Innisfree. Something brought me here for a purpose. I have my life back. Thankyou for all your encouragement and support.



Many thanks for all of your help, support and encouragement. We are certainly leaving here as very different people - All for the better, looking forward to sharing our new lives. No doubt we will think of you often and miss Innisfree.



My time at Innisfree will be remembered as long as I live, together with you being the most influential people in my life. My days here were truly special. Thankyou very much.



Thank you all so very much for the fantastic time that you all have given me, You guys are brilliant and I have learned so much from each and everyone of you. I came into Innisfree a broken man and I am leaving with high hopes for the future. I have seen a new path and am going to make the right decisions.



'GRATITUDE' Is only the beginning of how good I feel.



I walked into Innisfree, scared and frightened. My stay there was only 5 days, but in those 5 days I had an amazing turn around. I had so much guilt and anger built up inside me. They were amazing. They guided me through all my heart ache and pain with the most amazing staff. I walked out of there proud of who I'd become.

Thank you Innisfree, you have changed my life...............Thank you.



I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing since leaving the centre 6 weeks ago. I can sum it up in one word for you............... AWESOME!!!!!

I have been going flat out since I got home getting straight back into work and all of Dylan’s activities. I have been getting up at 4:30am to start my day just as I did in the centre and have various routines for the mornings so that it doesn’t get stale and boring. Dylan occasionally joins me for a weights session or a walk which is fun for us both. I am getting a few treatments done at a centre called NatMed.

Everyone that I see can’t believe the change in me. Jamie and Emma (my mates across the street) still can’t believe the difference in me. Dylan definitely is in favour of the new me. He can talk without fear of wondering what kind of mood I am in. I use so many things that I learnt there in my day to day life (eg. Meditation, breathing, not acting on first emotions, thoughts or feelings etc). I have been getting tested with certain things but in my own opinion I have handled things extremely well. Stuff that would have sent me straight to using I now hardly batter an eyelid to (especially if it is to do with other people – I can’t change them). My parents are trusting me more and more (even though it is still early days) but I think that is because I am doing stuff instead of being all talk. They both seem a lot more relaxed.

I have a new lease of life at work. I am actually working 2 days a week in a mining company’s office until they get someone to do the job full time. It feels great that my dad trusts me enough with one of his clients that he has known for 25 years or so.

I am so grateful to all of you there at Innisfree for helping me get a life again. I don’t think I have ever been happier or as energized as I am now..............................THANK YOU!!!!



Words can't express how I feel about what you have done for me. You have helped me feel like me again and it has been so long. Thank you for your wisdom and kindness. You are such a lovely lady and I wish you and Mike all the happiness in the world. I won't say goodbye cause I'll see you again.  



I owe my life to the Innisfree program. I spent a month at Innisfree in order to regain control of my life and to deal with past issues. Innisfree taught me a new way of life and equiped me with tools to deal with life pressures. I left Innisfree four weeks ago and I have never been happier, healthier and content with myself and my life. 




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